Chesterfield Incinerator

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Chesterfield Incinerator

Post  Christine on Sat Oct 10, 2009 11:41 pm

WE need to object against the incinerator. The group chesterfield against incineration have loads of information on it, apparently health affects can't be a reason why it isn't passed as they already have a environmental permit. This is because the particles Gasificaton produces are too small to measure! so there apparently isn't any guidelines. But what is known is that toxic waste will be burnt and dioxins produced the possible effects are 'unknown' but a toxicologist professor spoke at the henry fanshawe school on monday 5th october confirming the detrimental health affects.
There will also be many lorries transporting this toxic waste to the area and local business at the meeting warned they will relocate if the incinerator gets the go ahead.

People wanting to raise objection need to concentrate of the economic affects not the health aspect really as it cant be proved. All information is on the Chesterfield against Incineration website so if people know about it they can write of e-mail to the counsellors info on the site.

Apparently Dronfield will be affected due to the North -easterly prevailing wind.

There isn't much time for people to take action, as the next and final planning hearing could be in about 4 weeks it apparently will be a public meeting the Campaign will post details on their website so people can be a presence showing their objection by just being there.

Meanwhile myself and another concerned mum who have children in Dronfield Junior School are trying to raise awareness and wondered about some sort of public gathering on saturday 24th October in dronfield to also raise awareness.

I believe Dronfield is a beautiful close knit community and don't want it tarnished by a incinerator, we want our children to recycle reduce and reuse not have toxic waste burnt above their heads, increased HGV's and 'clean' businesses leaving the area.


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Re: Chesterfield Incinerator

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 10, 2009 11:43 pm

Christine find a link to the online petition see if that helps

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