Staff bosses customers around, bad service - Manor House Dronfield

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Staff bosses customers around, bad service - Manor House Dronfield

Post  PinkLion on Sat Sep 01, 2012 11:30 am

Just came back from this cafe-bar Manor House.
Very disappointed with the staff service and their manager's attitude. Sad
Had a terrible experience from a member of staff.

We were a good customer of this place, went in there very often, came there for business meetings and just for dinner at the daytime, recommended this cafe to our friends who just moved to Dronfield and they went in there several times too. Rolling Eyes

Today we just wanted to have a nice time out and enjoy our evening together with our friends and children (both 5-6 years old). Very Happy
A young member (deputy manager) was bossing me around all night making his little remarks that the children are too loud (they were just talking at the same level as everybody else in that room) and there was loud music playing anyway, ALL the people were talking loudly and nobody even noticed our kids playing peacefully with their LEGO toys. We didn't have a single look from other customers, but the deputy manager DECIDED that "other customers MIGHT become unhappy with the kids" for some reason. (quoting his words) confused

When he came to me for the first time and ordered me to tell the children to be quiet (even though it was very loud at the room), I did as I was told and asked kids to whisper instead of talking.

But no, the he simply could NOT have peace about the children. Rolling Eyes He did nothing but watching us ALL evening. cyclops So he came to me for a second time and told me something negative about the children again. So basically, it looked like the children should have sat at their chairs and do not move or make any sound at all silent for him to be happy.

Just to mention that in the last three months we have been to Cyprus, France and Spain and NEVER had such terrible attitude towards a child there in MUCH better restaurants.

When he came to me for the THIRD time affraid to tell me that he wants children to sit down on the sofa, not move, not make any sounds that he could notice... or dear, THAT WAS annoying.
There were adults after a few glasses of bear laughing and talking loudly but he didn't tell them to be quiet, he only noticed children, they were annoying him perhaps.

He was treating me as if HE was my boss, ordering me around, not a single apology.

The manager came out, didn't ask us about the situation and why we were so upset at that point, did not say sorry to us for the stress the deputy manager has caused, but started to defend and justify him.

We never had such treatment at any other restaurant so it was really shocking for me. Needless to say that he made me so upset that I could not eat their food after that. The evening was completely spoiled and my husband was very upset.

Our friends and ourselves will never go back to this cafe.

Just to mention, that the last year we rented a room for our parents at £300 at this place (they run a cafe-bar and a hotel above the cafe-bar) and they happily took our money but "forgot" to mention about the noise from the bar area that will last till midnight! No Loud music and loud adults talking and laughing so you could hear everything till midnight in your bedroom upstairs! and now he spoiled our evening because of he did not like our children talking in their very loud room at seven o'clock in the evening!!! Come on!


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