Buses in Dronfield

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Buses in Dronfield

Post  Alemaster on Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:05 am

Some changes coming up at the end of October, known so far:

TM Travel
14/15 Holmesfield-Dronfield-Coal Aston-Apperknowle-Marsh Lane/Chesterfield - timetable change
89 Holmesfield-Barlow-Chesterfield (Sundays only) - withdrawn
181 Sheffield-Coal Aston-Dronfield-Holmesfield-Bakewell-Hartington (Sundays only) - withdrawn
242 Castleton-Ladybower-Rivelin-Crosspool-Sheffield-Dronfield-Chesterfield (Sundays only) - withdrawn

43 Sheffield-Woodseats-Dronfield-Dronfield Woodhouse-Chesterfield - timetable change
43A Sheffield-Woodseats-Dronfield Woodhouse-Hill Top-Hallowes - new service (partial replacement of 293)
44/44A Sheffield-Woodseats-Coal Aston-Dronfield-Chesterfield - timetable change
293 Sheffield-Bradway-Dronfield Woodhouse-Dronfield-Hill Top-Hallowes - withdrawn

89 Dronfield-Holmesfield-Barlow-Chesterfield (Mon-Sat daytime) - timetable change


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